The clock face of St. Botolph's beautiful 1884 clock has now been fully restored - repainted and with the hands gilded -  and is back on the church tower, displaying all its original colour. Work has now started on the mechanism, with a team of volunteers helping to clean it. A clear acrylic door has been made for the wooden case in the bellringing chamber which holds the large pendulum, so visitors will be able to see it as it gently swings back and forth. It is hoped that it will not be too long before the clock - which came to an abrupt halt after the 1987 hurricane -  is fully operational again.

​Scaffolding has now (24th March 2017) gone from inside the church, and our church car park is also back in use.

Tickets for the two most recent social events at St. Botolph's Church - our Victorian Games Evening on February 25th and a Quiz Night back in January - were sold out more than a week in advance of each event and, between them, brought more than 100 people into the church and raised £800 for repairs and maintenance expenses.

Nine teams of seven competed in the skittles competition, and the competitors were also able to try their hands at a range of other Victorian games - bagatelle, shove-halfpenny, floor skittles and Carrom. Everyone enjoyed a Ploughman's supper and they were able to buy drinks at the bar.


Pictured left: The skittles 'alley' in the main aisle of the church;

Pictured right: The delighted winning skittles team with their miniature floor skittles trophy.

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