Sermons preached at St. Botolph's Church, Heene
during the past year

18th March 2018
Sunday, 18th March 2018             Covenant with the Lord                          Rev. Raymond Wood

Sunday, 28th January 2018          The Presentation of Christ in the temple   Rev. Raymond Wood

Sunday, 21st January 2018            Wedding at Cana, joy in religion            Rev. Raymond Wood   

Sunday, 7th January, 2018             Epiphany, evening newspapers            Rev. Raymond Wood

Sunday, 24th December, 2017     St. Luke's Christmas Picture Gallery     Rev. Raymond Wood

Sunday, 17th December, 2017     Prepare the way of the Lord                  Rev. Raymond Wood

Sunday, 3rd December, 2017       Advent Sunday and St. Andrew             Rev. Raymond Wood 

Sunday, 19th November, 2017     Hoarders of faith; talents.                      Rev. Raymond Wood
Sunday, 1st October, 2017           Strangers in the Temple                          Rev. Raymond Wood 

Sunday, 24th September, 2017    Manna from Heaven                               Rev. Raymond Wood

Sunday, 20th August 2017            Prayer of Humble Access                        Rev. Raymond Wood         

Thursday, 13th April, 2017           Maundy Thursday                                    Rev. Roger Walker

Sunday, 2nd April , 2017                                                                                   Rev. Raymond Wood

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