The Botolph Bell magazine

The Botolph Bell magazine was launched in February 2013 in an attempt to raise the profile of St. Botolph's Church within the local area but also to provide a community magazine which would appeal to residents throughout the Heene area.
'The Bell' is a full-colour magazine published 11 times a year - that is monthly except for December/January, which are combined. There are 24 pages each month, with 28 usually for the combined issue.
It is self-funding and content is usually split approximately 50%/50% between editorial and advertising.
The magazine is run by an editorial team and contributions are always welcome.
The aim is to provide a wide range of articles to interest everyone in the community, whilst still publicising what is going on at St. Botolph's.
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To advertise in The Botolph Bell contact Nick Le Mare on 01903 241673 or by email [email protected]

Just take a look at our rates! They are highly competitive and have remained unchanged for the whole 4 years we've been running. Many of our advertisers have stayed with us throughout this time. Why not give the 'Bell' a try for advertising your business? We're sure you would not be disappointed!
Quarter page:       £20
Half page:              £30
Full page:               £50
Rates are per month, but advertisers pay three months at a time.
If you have an idea for an article, or a poem, recipe or photograph to submit then please contact Jackie Didymus on 01903 202036 or email [email protected] or leave a message on our Facebook page.
We like to address a whole range of interests within the magazine so if you feel you could contribute something, we would be delighted to receive it.
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