​APRIL 2016
St. Botolph's Church, Heene, Scaffold, 28.4.16

Work on the church building, both inside and out, was  completed in March 2017. All scaffolding has  been removed and the church car park is back in use, having been regravelled following completion of drainage work.

St. Botolph's, Heene, spire, 4.5.16
St. Botolph's, Heene, Scaffolding rising, 4.5.16
The church spire - showing clearly why the 'shingles' (wooden tiles) needed to be replaced.

​MAY 2016
28. 4.16.
Upward - ever upward! The scaffolding was now heading rapidly for the tower.
St. Botolph's, Heene, scaffolding, 29.4.16
St. Botolph's, Heene from south, 10.5.16
28. 4.16.
By 10th May - the majority of the south side of the church - except of course for our entrance door - was also shrouded in scaffolding.

St. Botolph's, Heene, scaffolding 12.5.16
29. 4.16.
St. Botolph's, Heene, scaffolding 16.5.16
St. Botolph's, Heene Scaffolding 16.5.16
Heene view from St. Botolph's, Heene, 21.5.16
Views from above - taken by the scaffolders on Saturday, 21st May.
St. Botolph's, Heene, scaffolding, 19.6.16
Heene views 21.5.16
St. Botolph's, Heene view from scaffolding 21.5.16
Heene view from St. Botolph's, Heene, 21.5.16
Heene view from St. Botolph's, Heene, 21.5.16
Heene view from St. Botolph's, Heene, 21.5.16
St. Botolph's, Heene, scaffolding, 26.5.16
The scaffolding was rapidly rising and was now about half way up the spire.
St. Botolph's, Heene scaffolding 26.5.16
St. Botolph's, Heene from Mill Road, 3.6.16
​JUNE 2016
Taken from Mill Road, 3.6.16.
​The spire completely scaffolded.
St. Botolph's, Heene from Lansdowne Road, 3.6.16
St. Botolph's, Heene, spire 21.6.16
Hundreds of the wooden shingles (tiles) from the spire had been taken down by 21st June and new ones had started to go up, hence the new 'shrouding' at the top of the spire and the slightly reduced height of the scaffolding.
Right: Lansdowne Road view, 3.6.16

​Below: From Manor Road, slightly earlier in the day!
St. Botolph's, Heene from Manor Road, 3.6.16
Skip 21.6.16
St. Botolph's, Heene, reshingled spire, 7.8.16
St. Botolph's, Heene, reshingled spire, 7.8.16
​AUGUST 2016
St. Botolph's, Heene, reshingled spire 7.8.16
August 7th: Our glorious spire - now golden and resplendent with its new wooden 'shingles' (tiles) - was revealed!
September 3rd: Scaffolding was up around the south side of the chancel so that work could be carried out on the clear windows above the pews. Luckily, services were able to continue unhindered even though work was going on during the week.
The beautifully repainted and regilded clockface back in place on the church tower in January 2017.